Adrenaline in a large segment of staff has recently risen as a result of fears of job loss; Because artificial intelligence is entrusted with many tasks, contributing to the increased likelihood of dispensing with the human hand and offsetting it with a smart robot or technique, many research studies have strengthened their roots of fear; Specifically after confirming that there is one factor among 5 workers who is threatened to lose his job and replace AI, really is very suspicious.

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Impact of artificial intelligence on jobs

Impact of artificial intelligence on jobs 1
Impact of artificial intelligence on jobs 1

Despite the overwhelming noise shaking around the world about AI’s impact on jobs and its threat to them; Without any doubt, however, the need for a human element to manage such intelligence is a basic requirement that is completely irreplaceable; In the end, this intelligence is born of the uterus of human intelligence and is not suitable for automatic orientation or programming without interference from us.

It is great that so many studies and research have broadcast a dose of reassurance deep down; As we are more accurate and better overall compared to this type of intelligence, the latter may go wrong and cause disasters without interference from us, but there is fluctuation and erosion in the risk levels that jobs face in front of AI, and despite AI’s role in developing institutions in the future. However, it is a double-edged weapon for humans from several aspects including functional threat.

It is worth noting that, despite the astonishment he painted on our faces, AI has been able to accomplish and complete its tasks; He still needs us, however, and is unable to achieve a complete human deficit; Human beings make the professional relationship more dynamic and responsive to humanity, while robots and their generations are programmed towards certain reactions that may deprive a large group of opportunities or services as a result of absolute limited behaviour and interaction.

Functions threatened by AI

So let’s stand together on some of the most important functions under threat now:

The most threatening functions of AI

The degree of threat varies from job to job, so we would like to assess the degree of risk to yourself that surrounds your job, here are the most important:

  • Technical functions
Functions threatened by AI 2
Functions threatened by AI 2

A lengthy list of posts is included under the technical area in general; Whether you are a programmer, web developer or software, and also a software engineer is threatened by it, as well as data analysts, content creators and any function based primarily on technology; AI is capable and competent and privileged to carry out these tasks without the need for the human element.

One example is that ChatGPT is able to perform tasks with infinite accuracy, with some information indicating that it is able to produce and track instructions with high efficiency; There is therefore a likelihood of narrowing the number of staff working in the technical area.

  • Public information posts
Functions threatened by AI 3
Functions threatened by AI 3

At present, information functions are of great importance; Specifically, after the opportunity to work remotely in this area has increased, the numbers of staff in the press, advertising, digital content writing and related, the gravity of this item lies in the fact that Chatgpt technology can read instructions and texts efficiently; Thus create professional content that corresponds to the content written by the human hand.

notwithstanding the foregoing; However, programmers had to create necessary software capable of correcting and correcting errors, and the tools were not limited to chatgpt; The BuzzFeed tool has been widely used in recent times to provide perfect content about travel and travel, and the CNET tool is typical for creating articles in various fields, but requires corrections.

  • Legal Functions

Artificial intelligence plays an effective role in accomplishing the tasks entrusted to paralegals and some related functions, attracting an abundant amount of legal information required on a legal matter; It makes it understandable and easy to rely on legal opinions.

notwithstanding the foregoing; However, jobs cannot completely dispense with the human hand, but need to be present urgently under the narrowest number due to the urgent need for human judgment to deepen the client’s or decision seeker’s needs.

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  • Education

The global shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic has proven that education and jobs in general can be automated and remotely transformed. in addition to conclusive indications of AI’s substitution for such educational functions and their relevance, Although there is widespread talk about this field and information about the possibility of robots and Chat GBT teaching in classrooms, human teachers can never be abandoned.

The likelihood of cooperation between the teacher and AI in his recruitment by completing difficult plans and tasks, not relying entirely on him by teaching, can also be noted as a huge need for training, so human presence is inevitably essential to this function.

  • Accounting functions

Lots of related accounting functions are included in the aggregate, including financial analysis and financial consulting, cost accountants and many more, and it should be noted that AI may be creative in carrying out these tasks which makes the likelihood of error much lower, in addition to the high level of accuracy in implementation; So amazing production.

Artificial intelligence has become able to monitor trends and areas in markets; Hence provide the most accurate information about the best investment, and also the companies tended to exploit it in the study of financial finance requests.

  • Graphic Design

Did you know that AI has achieved remarkable success in placing a finely designed image in your hands in just seconds; In this case, it is suspicious to you if you are a graphic designer, so a lot of companies may be going to hire this technology instead of paying employees and draining a long time in design, but it is viciously threatening the human element with regret, until it comes to being able to design games and cartoon characters brilliantly.

The designer can take advantage of this by creating a work of his own that employs AI; become a specialized agency for selling design services to everyone who needs them, attracting the largest amount of customers and customers for their own business and providing services to them without delay; Thus, the benefit may be more than his obligation to work and earn a specific salary.

Finally, AI still keeps evolving day by day; Safe job lists may change profoundly until the hazard circuit also enters, and experiences in another context may prove that human performance is more efficient on the other hand.